At RMZ, we are delighted with Huviair Constra. It has helped streamline our construction progress reporting really well with its automated visual data analytics. It’s also eased our project related communications on snags and media with its mobile app. We are excited about the new features they are bringing in! Wishing Huviair the very best!

Viswanatha KN

Associate Director

Century Group

We have been using Huviair Constra for the past 6 months and it has been an amazing experience for us. Right from quick drone based land surveying to automated visual data based construction monitoring, it has helped ease our processes and saved us tremendous about of time and effort. The software is world class and the team is fabulous! We are glad to be associated with them and would highly recommend them.

Nagendra M

Sr. Vice President - Projects Design and Development


Huviair Constra has been a revelation for us at Microsoft. It is now so easy to track the progress of construction of our offices across India on a simple, user friendly dashboard. It’s reduced our travel requirements and saved us a lot of time. This is so crucial in these challenging times of the COVID epidemic.
Consta brings complete automation with zero errors in the reporting! The product is the future of the construction industry, taking it into the realm of visual AI based construction progress reporting.

Jagvinder Pinny Mann

Sr. Portfolio Manager India

Eldeco Infrastructure & Properties Ltd.

“The construction sector is at a cross roads. Project delays and cost overruns are a major issue that the industry grapples with. Eldeco Group is at the forefront of adopting cutting edge AI and machine learning technologies for our construction sites.

Our adoption of Huviair Constra represents this endevour. With its advanced drone and 360 camera based AI technology, we get automated reports on the progress of our interior and exterior construction. It is now very simple for us to detect/report deviations and visualize progress without having to travel to site. This helps us streamline our weekly project reviews internally and with our contractors/PMCs and create accountability. The product is a hit at Eldeco and we recommend it for the industry at large. All the best Huviair!

Rohit Kishore

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