Real Estate


Plan, monitor and control your projects remotely

Pre-purchase and pre construction

Put an end to expensive and long drawn methods of manual land surveying.
HUVIAiR uses drones to capture and provide accurate outputs such as DSM & DTM models, contour & elevation profiles, digital measurement tools, streamflow analysis, 3D-twins and more.

Progress monitoring stage

Track exterior and interior progress using drones and 360-degree cameras.
HUVIAiR’s deep learning engine recognizes progress or delays across multiple work packages, collects data and automatically produces progress reports that deliver actionable insights that drive crucial decisions in cutting costs, manpower and progress monitoring time.

Deliver projects with higher quality, ahead of time

Organizations don’t have a centralized communication platform, causing errors and delays that lead to increased costs and delayed handover.

HUVIAiR streamlines communication so you can gain deeper visibility and accountability across teams to make sure your project is on schedule.

With all stakeholders on one platform, you can assign snags, share documents, and chat. Do all of this without the hassle of using phone calls, WhatsApp, emails or excel for your organisation's communication needs.


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