Huviair Advantage

Reduce Costs

HUVIAiR's platform helps you identify deviations, inefficiencies in man and material, thereby avoiding heavy rework cost and delays.

Take Control

Gain better visibility into multiple projects on a single dashboard. Improve operational metrics, track and control vendor payouts efficiently by accessing historical data.

Snag Mangement

Improve flow of information, increase accountability and improve quality through mobile app/web based project management tools.

Automated Progress Reporting

Eliminate time and resources spent on physical inspection, manual measurements and supervision.

Reduce Manpower Dependency

Use HUVIAiR's platform to reduce supervisory manpower and achieve higher levels of accuracy and efficiency.

Reduce Turnaround Time

HUVIAiR's platform gives you actionable insights across multiple work packages of your project that ensure timely delivery.


Conduct accurate aerial surveys and get data points that help with purchase and planning of land parcels at a fraction of the cost and time take by traditional methods

Manage Multiple Projects Remotely

Access live stream/smart media gallery on the HUVIAiR platform and monitor sites accurately and in high-definition video, from the comfort of your home.

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