A drone survey is a graphical presentation and document generally used for a land’s description. It clearly defines the boundaries of the property and topography. Drone surveys are more commonly adopted because they increase efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety. 

Traditionally, a team of surveyors (2-3 people) visit the site frequently and carry out an in-person inspection. This visual inspection is key to ensuring the collection of accurate data and due diligence of the process. But, despite best efforts, certain human errors occasionally creep in requiring revisits and rework. 

But with a drone survey-driven photogrammetry, almost all of the challenges can be overcome.

Now, do you want to get a drone survey in India? Then knowing the cost range of the service will surely benefit you. This will make it easier to determine what you must pay to get a drone survey in India. 

The drone survey cost range in India:

Getting a drone survey is highly quick and cost-effective. Some companies prefer drone survey services at per hour cost, while others offer their costs per acre of land area. The actual drone survey cost in India will depend on your location and the company you are working with. 

However, across most cities in India, the drone-assisted land survey will cost about ₹ 1,500 per acre of land. 

Factors affecting drone survey cost in India

Multiple elements can influence the actual cost of a drone survey. General elements include standard rates in your area, the size and shape of the land, the terrain on the property, and quality. The drone surveyor can offer you a set price for the traditional size and shape of the land. Or it will cost you per hour for an extensive and irregular land parcel. 

However, below we can see the details of factors affecting drone survey costs in India:

Overall, the variation in the drone survey cost is based on multiple factors mentioned above. Knowing about these factors will certainly let you get clarity in this regard. 

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