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Life at HUVIAiR
HUVIAiR team consists of about 25 members including product managers, technologists, data scientists, operational specialists, marketers, sales and customer support executives. Since inception, the team is leveraging a hybrid model of working to deliver exceptional results.
Our Core Values (AIM)


Dare to dream big and bold. Seek to build a brighter future for the ecosystem


Look beyond the obvious and usual – leverage the best technologies and processes


To persist with patience and humility in overcoming the challenges




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No. 35, 1st Floor, Off Lavelle Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

No. 3001, N Rocky Point Dr East, Suite 200 Tampa, FL 33607

17th Floor, The H Dubai - Office Tower, One - Sheikh Zayed Road,  Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Enquiry: info@huviair.com
Phone No: +91 6363203500

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