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Precise Land Surveys in 72 Hours For real estate, public infra, solar and
mining projects of any size.
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Get the CONSTRA Survey advantage

AI powered SaaS platform to create accurate and detailed land surveys – quickly!

Drone Surveys

6+ layers of topographical data captured in one flight

Avoid Human Errors

A platform for precise computations and analysis

Faster Turnaround

Survey reports in 3 days instead of 8-9 days

Wide Range of Land Surveying Tools

View your land-parcel in 3D, accurately overlay survey drawings, master plans and derive a host of
topographical and cadastral survey data.

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The orthomosaic, contours, grid elevations, utilities, and other features can be made available as an AutoCAD compatible file

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Simulate rain water flow and flooding across your site at the land survey stage. Design drainage systems, check dams, and rain water harvesting systems with confidence.

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Instantly verify on-site stockpiles and earthwork quantities with a simple web based volumetric analysis tool.

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Visualize contours at any interval against high resolution orthomosaic images and help your architects with their master planning, intuitively.

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Visualize photorealistic models of your site to get detailed understanding of its varied features or use our measurement tools to measure distance and area, in 3D.

A logistics-park developer leveraged AI for Land Surveys to save a ton of money and time

The company is one of India’s leading Grade-A logistics park developers. Every month, they scout dozens of
land parcels, to identify the ideal sites to build customised warehouses.

A Few Hours

The time needed for survey reduced from several days to a few hours


Reduction in supervisory personnel needed at each site

25 to 5 days

Reduction in time taken to make a GO/ NO-GO decision 

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