Enhance Productivity
with Visual Data Intelligence

Huviair collects, processes and analyses Contruction and Mining jobsite data using Drones, 360 Cameras, Laser Scanners and Mobile Phones helping you save on progress monitoring time by 75%, manpower requirement by 50% and overall costs of the project by 20%.


Construction Solution

Huviair is revolutionizing productivity of construction sector, which today is the least productive sector.

Our cloud based productivity enhancement platform provides measurement and reporting of relevant metrics of construction progress tracking by converting data from various sources such as drones, laser scanners and 360 cameras into actionable, measurable metrics.

Our customers use these machine learning driven insights to take real time decisions to correct any timeline or physical deviations in their construction projects.

Further, we provide a dashboard view of all projects that our clients handle in their portfolio.

Our focus remains on helping customers to derive complete value from visual data across their value chain.

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Mining Solution

HUVIAiR is revolutionizing the mining sector!

By using drone data technology, HUVIAiR provides an end to end solution to address all the pain points plaguing the mining sector for decades.

HUVIAiR provides a browser based platform that can be accessed from any device and from anywhere, wherein-

1. Volumes of stockpiles and excavations can be measured for any area.
2. Elevation profiles of any cross section on the site can be determined.
3. Fly/orbit through the site and measurements can be performed on the 3D model.
4. Automated reports on excavations and volumentrics can be generated.

Implementing the HUVIAiR solution at various sites has demonstrated-

- Project supervision manpower requirement reduction by a third.
- Overall project management cost reduction by 50%
- Real time visibility of project status in difficult to reach/ dangerous areas eliminated the need of manual walkarounds by project supervisors
- Increased job site safety by 55%
- Stockpile volume calculations 10 times faster
- Overall Stockpile volume calculations 5 times more accurate
- Reduction in pilferage and more accurate billing.
- Higher quality and accurate progress reporting of mining operation enabled better decision making

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