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Visual Intelligence Platform
for Remote Construction Management

Get insights from pictures & videos. Explore - CONSTRA Survey Explore – CONSTRA Build
Get the CONSTRA Advantage
Derive actionable insights from visual inputs. Make informed decisions - land surveying,
planning, building and inspection

Visuals to Insights

Derive project-progress insights from drone footage, 360° cameras 

Get More Done

Remotely monitor multiple sites, identify deviations, manage snags, and more

Flexibility of SaaS

Launch quickly, exciting subscription plans, and scale with ease

CONSTRA Build – Full cycle construction management

visually monitor the projects, measure progress against the plan, manage defects,
and configure automated reports - all remotely.

Accurately track exterior work packages across multiple projects. Close-up inspection of even remote and seemingly inaccessible corners

High-definition virtual walkthroughs of the site, navigate to any part of the site and inspect any part with great detail

Accurately track exterior work packages across multiple projects. Close-up inspection of even remote and seemingly inaccessible corners

Assign, track, and resolve snags with multiple stakeholders, in real time. Accessible via web and mobile applications

Showcase your project walkthrough/events - via drone and 360 camera feeds to investors, customers or during board meetings.

Ensuring Exceptional Business Outcomes

CONSTRA enables real estate developers, PMCs, construction executives, and financiers to drive efficiency, transparency, quality, reduce costs and ensure on-time project completion

Reduction in progress monitoring time


Reduction in site visits by management team


Fewer Reworks


Reduction in overall
project cost

CONSTRA Survey – Precise and meticulous land surveys in 72 hours

View your land in 3D, accurately overlay survey drawings, master plans and leverage
a host of topographical and cadastral survey tools.
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The orthomosaic, contours, grid elevations, utilities, and other features can be made available as an AutoCAD compatible file

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Simulate rain water flow and flooding across your site at the land survey stage. Design drainage systems, check dams, and rain water harvesting systems with confidence.

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Instantly verify on-site stockpiles and earthwork quantities with a simple web based volumetric analysis tool.

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Visualize contours at any interval against high resolution orthomosaic images and help your architects with their master planning, intuitively.

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Visualize photorealistic models of your site to get detailed understanding of its varied features or use our measurement tools to measure distance and area, in 3D.

Operational Experience You Can Rely On​

100,000+ Acres

Area of Land Surveyed

124 Million SqFt

Built-up Area Monitored

3.4 Terabyte (TB)

Site-Data Analysed

Brands Who Trust HUViAR CONSTRA

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