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HUVIAiR offers complete training and certification packages for enterprises, educational institutions and professionals b>looking to start using drones for inspection, mapping and analytics applications across various sectors.

Our Enterprise Package caters to enterprises that have recognized drones as the key to save on time and cost while increasing accuracy and safety across the planning, design, construction and maintenance stages of their projects.

Our Edu Package caters to Educational Institutions who don’t want to be left behind when it comes to skilling their students for the next generation of drone based jobs.

And finally, our Pro Package caters to professionals who start with drones as a hobby and soon realize the potential to create a business with drones or get employed as drone pilots.

All the packages are specially designed to cater to the needs of our various types of customers.

As an industry leading drone data solutions company ourselves, we have mastered the complete workflow of using drones for inspection, mapping and analytics in various industries - construction, infrastructure, smart cities, insurance, renewable energy, mining, oil & gas and natural resource management. Further, with an experience of collectively training over 3000 people across 123 countries, we know what it takes to get anyone from zero to hero with drones!

From face to face sessions to online videos to webinars to quizzes to desk and real world assignments, we make the training experience an absolute delight!
Being a 'HUVIAiR Certified Drone Professional' gives you credibility in the industry and the confidence to apply the training experience for all drone applications in the indsutry!

If you are reading this and are excited about joining our program, please send us an enquiry now by filling this form for more information.

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