Survey Consultancy

We work closely with drone pilots across the country to integrate drone survey services into their existing drone photography businesses.

We provide support with the use of software for Flight planning, Data capture, Image processing, Post processing, Report generation and go to Market strategies.

Flight planning: Nadir and Oblique images and their utility, marking GPS points on boundaries at site, and  creating the most optimum flight plan.

During flight: Choosing the best point to fly from for each flight plan, Automatic and manual control of drone for various types of mapping scenarios, Ensuring quality control of data capture.

Image Processing Software: Using different image processing software such as Pix4D, Airzaar, Autocad Remake etc.

Post Processing: Using desktop applications such as QGIS, Autocad, GIMP etc  to further enhance and make sense of the outputs generated by image processing software.

Report Generation:  Creating reports incorporating the outputs in the format that add value to the customer.


Click on the white paper below to know more about our surveying process and outputs.