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Traditionally, the construction sector devotes a lot of resources (people and money) on an ongoing basis to monitor the project progress and quality across their job sites.

Unlike many other sectors, construction executives depend on in-person visits and visual inspections to make informed decisions at each step of the project. And this is a reason why the generic ERPs fall short of expectations. We are pioneering the next-gen remote monitoring and management software for construction projects.


Remote Construction Monitoring

With CONSTRA, we have built a visual analytics platform that automates progress, safety and quality monitoring at construction sites. CONSTRA is helping our clients deliver projects faster and at a lesser cost while ensuring high quality and safety.

Our flagship SaaS platform CONSTRA, derives insights from images and videos (of building exterior and interior)to help immensely through the planning, building and inspection stages of construction projects.

3D Modeling

Companies using CONSTRA are able to save up to 65% of the time on progress monitoring, reduce their supervisory manpower requirement by at least 50% and reduce the overall project cost by up to 20%.

At the heart of CONSTRA lies a computer vision-based deep learning engine. It ingests visual inputs (images and videos) from drones, 360° cameras, laser scanners, CCTV cameras, mobile phones  and as well as traditional sources like CAD drawings, project schedules and BIMs.

The engine then processes these diverse information streams to determine the construction progress (exterior and interior), detect anomalies, and project deviations, and benchmark the actual progress of the construction against the plan. Rich visualisation along with MIS reports are delivered to decision-makers across developers, PMCs and contractors within a few hours of the data capture. The application works seamlessly across various construction verticals such as real estate, public infrastructure and renewable energy.

Our deep-learning engine can analyse and derive invaluable insights from multiple visual input streams. This engine is enabling exciting use-cases such as topography and volumetric analysis, remote construction monitoring, virtual site walkthroughs, AI-generated progress reports, snag management and many more.

Words of Encouragement
TCM Sundaram, Founder and Vice Chairman at Chiratae Ventures

“Technology adoption and disruption in the construction industry has been nascent at best previously. COVID-19 has accelerated the need for digital-first approach many-fold and it has become critical to re-think business operations. Huviair, by deploying visual intelligence and augmenting it with AI/ML capabilities, is helping the construction industry ensure timely delivery of projects, progress monitoring as well as transparency across all stakeholders, thus ushering in increased capital and cost-efficiency. We are excited to partner with Huviair in its journey towards a global market leader in the construction tech space.”
Mr. Gupta Boda, Head – IT and Digital, Brigade Group

“We have always been an early adopter of digital tools and technology innovations. Perhaps, it is one of the key reasons why Brigade Group continues to deliver best-in-class design and top-of-the-line facilities. We have used HUVIAiR CONSTRA for land surveying, remote construction monitoring, media solutions and snag management. We’ve found their platform helpful, cost saving as well as intuitive to use by our diverse stakeholders“.