Enhance Productivity
with Drone Data Intelligence

Huviair collects, processes and analyses industrial jobsite data helping you save on progress monitoring time by 75%, manpower requirement by 50% and overall costs of the project by 20%.


Tree Count

Rooftop Solar PV Yield

Surface Water Modelling


Elevation Profile

Built-up Elevation Analysis

Surface Volume Difference

Asset Identification

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With its world leading drone data based 3D GIS analytics engine, HUVIAiR makes it simple to process, visualize, analyze and manage your projects effectively.
Now, save time and money while increasing accuracy and safety of your projects!

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Drone Service Providers

Get modular end to end solutions with HUVIAiR.

Use HUVIAiR based on your requirement -

- Just process your data and get the files OR
- Use HUVIAiR to host, visualize and analyse your processed data OR
- Avail complete end to end solution with HUVIAiR

No more monthly subscriptions!

Pay once for your project and get lifetime access!


Hand over your complete enterprise level drone data requirements to HUVIAiR. We fly, process, analyze and provide you with exclusive and secure access to your data on the HUVIAiR software.

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